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You can count on us

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We make every building think!

Every building should be able to “think” for itself. Instead of the traditional filing and drawing of plans, the data is connected & processed (with the help of advanced software) in such a way that the respective building plans recognize changes on the building site and adapt to them (digital twin). Our automated planning with sensors creates an ecosystem that realizes the green and most efficient buildings of the future.

Our unique approach to connect data in a standardised way enables us to rethink the building digitally. This makes us a game changer in modern and green building technology.


We build better when we work together!
Trusting each other in our professions, we expect self-responsibility, rely on each other’s strengths, and appreciate everyone’s contribution and ingenuity. We work with great people and push each other to grow and develop with kindness and respect.


We engage in collaborative relationships, connecting data, in the purpose of overcoming boundaries and proactive problem solving, which drives us to dare to think digitally and continue being significantly better.


Every day, we make a commitment to achieving our goals. We lean on each other’s strengths, facing challenges and being focused on creating quality buildings that can “think” for themselves. Our strong dedication is valued through deep and loyal relations with our employees and customers.


Michael Resch CEO, Managing DirectorInternational
Michael Resch CEO, Managing Director
Sascha Schmied Branch Manager ATAustria
Sascha Schmied Branch Manager AT
Andreas Kellner Branch Manager DEGermany
Andreas Kellner Branch Manager DE
Ondrej Galas Branch Manager SerbiaSerbia
Ondrej Galas Branch Manager Serbia
Danilo Perkučin Branch Manager BulgariaBulgaria
Danilo Perkučin Branch Manager Bulgaria

BIM makes it possible

BIMEXPERTS provides technical building planning using the BIM methodology.

Our experience, innovative thinking and extensive know-how make us a reliable partner in all project phases. We work on schedule, cost-oriented and internationally with uniform, transnational quality standards. We think and act in partnership and always in the interest of our customers.

Ongoing and continuous improvement of work processes form the basis for transparency and efficiency. Innovative thinking and action provide access to future-proof technologies. Continuous training ensures that we are always at the cutting edge of technology.

By participating in research activities, we have an insight into future technologies, working methods and market-changing developments at an early stage.

  • 2000 – Michael Resch

    In 2000, a one-man business, Michael Resch, was founded.
  • 2007 – rtech engineering GmbH

    In 2007, rtech engineering GmbH was founded.
  • 2011 – BIMEXPERTS GmbH

    Building on this company, BIMEXPERTS GmbH was founded in 2011.
  • 2018 – BIMEXPERTS d.o.o.

    In 2018, our branch office in Serbia was opened.

    In 2021, our branch office in Bulgaria was opened.
  • 2023 – BIMEXPERTS GmbH

    At the beginning of the year we opened a new branch in Leoben (Austria) and Vohenstrauß (Germany).