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Elevate Your BIM Experience
You want your buildings to be intelligent? We know how to do it fast!

BIMEXPERTS is proud to offer the service of professional Data management with BIMQ, empowering you to seamlessly control the complexities of BIM projects from a central cloud-based hub. Ensure precision and transparency in handling project information across all disciplines.

What Sets BIMQ Apart?

One Source, Total Control:

BIMQ manages the "I" in BIM at your fingertips, ensuring control over information requirements from project inception to handover.

Transparent and traceable, BIMQ guarantees:

  • success in requirements definition
  • model implementation
  • final quality checks

Efficient Data Management:

BIMQ manages project data centrally and provides software templates to add sets and parameters to modeling tools. These templates can also be used with model checkers to ensure the consistency of the data.

Every project member has their role and their 3D model. Each model contains its elements, and each of these elements has sets with parameters, sometimes with predefined values. All are categorized by specific project phases depending on the use cases of the project. This approach makes it possible to control which element or parameter will be addressed in a given project phase, such as the LOI phase.

The outcome is machine-readable files to add sets, parameters, and approval rules.

What we do?

  • We build up a cloud-based Data structure using existing LOI Templates from your AIA or BAPs as a future template.
  • We empower you to export software templates on your own whenever you need them.
  • We manage the project LOI in a new highly efficient way.
  • We set up the software templates based on the AIA requirements and the current phase.
  • We control the future project information requirements through certified BIM Managers.

BIMQ Benefits Across Industries


  • Streamline tendering, project management, and acceptance with BIMQ's templates.
  • Define BIM standards and easily create contract annexes using BIMQ's export function.


  • Ensure a comprehensive view of construction project progress with BIMQ, ensuring alignment with your data requirements.
  • Leverage BIMQ's refined operator functions to assess data quality, seamlessly integrating company-relevant data into your CAFM for improved control

Professional Planners and Construction Companies

  • Access tried-and-tested attribute templates and planning tools for top-notch quality.
  • Utilize BIMQ's validation rules to ensure precision and adherence to standards.

Associations, Organizations, and Manufacturers

  • Set new industry standards with BIMQ, influencing guidelines for data catalogues and deliveries.
  • Embrace the digital transformation and define the future with BIMQ's innovative approach.

How BIMQ Works – Four Simple Steps


Define Information Requirements

  • Create individual information requirements based on catalogues.
  • Generate necessary attachments for EIR and BEP, ensuring comprehensive project understanding.
  • Collaboratively refine requirements with project participants.


Create and Provide Models

  • Digitally transfer information requirements to BIM software effortlessly.
  • Eliminate errors with attribute templates, ensuring accuracy in data types, units, and selection fields.
  • Export IFC files seamlessly using BIMQ's configuration files.


Validate Provided Models:

  • Automatically export test rules for quality checks, ensuring precise content alignment.
  • Specific validation for work phases, use cases, and discipline models.


Use Models and Improve Requirements

  • Reliably use models for various applications with guaranteed quality.
  • Transparently enhance information requirements using BIMQ's cloud solution.

Elevate Your BIM Experience with BIMQ by BIMEXPERTS

Discover unparalleled efficiency, transparency, and collaboration in planning, construction, and operation. Join the future of BIM with BIMQ – where precision meets innovation.

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