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Andrej Ličanin20.10.20234 min read

Isn’t this magic?! Efficient MEP-Planning with MAGICTOOLS for Revit

A well-functioning software is the centerpiece of any good planning work. As experts in BIM Modeling and Engineering we also invest a lot of time in developing new planning tools and in optimizing standard software to better meet the needs of those using it in the building industry.

In the past few months our software team, specializing in creating advanced automation tools and workflows, has come up with a whole new set of features for Revit (Autodesk). Our colleague and product owner, Andrej Ličanin, sums it up like this:

"Through the development of tailor-made solutions, we aim to maximize the potential of Revit and bring innovation to the forefront of our projects."

Here you can find out more about the advantages and features of MAGICTOOLS by BIMEXPERTS.


Better MEP Planning with MAGICTOOLS®

Revit® allows architects, engineers, and construction professionals to plan and design their building projects and use it as a comprehensive BIM platform. Yet, every individual “planner” utilizes his or her individual set of features more or less intensively and many tasks prove to be repetitive.

MAGICTOOLS ® was created by our software professionals with the focus on optimizing processes, making MEP design and modeling more efficient for those using it – inside and outside of BIMEXPERTS.

For example, the diverse features shall help to enhance navigation speed and intuition within Revit views, because they help to switch view positions between previously saved locations and the currently active view. Compared to regular Revit navigation, where you have to look at each view individually, which can take very long especially when you have many shafts to work on.

MAGICTOOLS focuses on optimizing operations that modelers frequently perform. By eliminating extra clicks and steps, it allows users to save a significant amount of time over the course of a project. This optimization leads to benefits, enabling teams to meet tight deadlines and allocate resources more effectively.


MAGICTOOLS® features that simplify planning life

The highlights from a user point of view range from supported data retrieval to diverse task automations or to special filters. The "Automation Tools and Workflows for Revit" Serie can be summarized as follows:

  • "Re Swapper" and "Sync Views": These tools empower users to effortlessly switch view positions between two pre-saved locations and stop the tedious task of individually panning through each view. Also streamlining your workflow becomes even more efficient by seamlessly relocating all open views to match the position of the currently active view.
  • "Magic Transition" functionality: It makes duct transitions effortless, even with large offsets. This is especially helpful during early project stages when working around technical rooms and tackling collisions.
  • "Splitters" is for installation planning. It enables planners to effortlessly split ducts, pipes and cable trays into predefined lengths while keeping everything connected.
  • "Magic Renumber": this simple yet powerful tool allows you to apply sequential numbers to elements connected in a duct system. With user-specified ordering, it ensures a unique and sensible numbering sequence, crucial for installation planning and fabrication.
  • "Hole Creator": it speeds up the modeling process by intelligently positioning holes, eliminating the need for painstaking manual adjustments. This tool takes care of the details, setting up the dimensions and positions accurately. With its intuitive interface, users can effortlessly specify the families for openings, desired offsets, and parameters. The 'Hole Creator' assumes that assigned families flex symmetrically in all directions, ensuring precision and consistency in the designs.
  • "Advanced Filter for Revit": it empowers planners to filter with lightning-fast speed and minimal effort, elevating their filtering experience to a whole new level. It is designed to seamlessly integrate into their workflow, simplifying processes and maximizing efficiency turning it into a seamless evolution beyond basic filtering capabilities in the world of Families and Types.
  • "Quick Filters for Revit": These are the next generation of advanced filtering solutions, optimized for high-efficiency workflows with its ability to pre-configure complex filtering rules. Activated seamlessly with custom keyboard shortcuts, they simplify workflows and take the Revit experience to new heights.
  • "Measure & Count for Revit": this is a mighty game-changer for calculation engineers. They can swiftly extract essential data for input into calculation software for pipe networks. It precisely targets the elements you need and is designed to be bound to Revit shortcuts, enabling lightning-fast workflows.

To guarantee frictionless processes and functionalities we use technologies such as C#, Revit API, Dynamo BIM and WPF.


Summary: Micro-optimization with macro benefits

Well, in the end it is not magic, but a very good understanding of planning processes and BIMEXPERTS' dedication to enhancing quality and Revit's capabilities, that revolutionize the way we work.

Our journey to streamline Revit experiences doesn't end here. We'll continue to push the boundaries of innovation, creating tools that redefine what's possible in holistic construction design. We will further improve accuracy and efficiency and ultimately stay ahead of the curve in our industry.

Reach out to our colleague Eva Galas for further information and software license options. She will be happy to assist you with an individual offer and consulting. Book a meeting with Eva Galas!

MAGICTOOLS and its features will be released step-by-step as from February 2024.

Explore the diverse features MAGICTOOLS has to offer through our "Automation Tools and Workflows for Revit" series on YouTube.


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Andrej Ličanin

Andrej Ličanin is BIM Application Developer at BIMEXPERTS