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Dragana Pilipović14.9.20233 min read

Improving Software Quality with a QA Engineer

Software and web applications must function perfectly to deliver high quality to customers, which is why quality assurance engineers are so important. Their primary responsibility is to identify and address issues, defects, or inconsistencies in software, hardware, or other products.

A common misconception about Quality Assurance engineers is the belief that their primary role is to identify and fix bugs, that anyone can be a QA engineer without specific skills, that QA testing is a one-time activity. As the biggest misconception, is that testing is not that important, or is taken for granted under the pretext of "We will test on the fly, or clients will test the finished product", which is often the case without appropriate professionals (QA engineers). In the long run this will cause large financial costs, loss of time and client trust, and overall a lot of frustrations.

In reality, QA engineers play a broader role in ensuring product quality, require specific skills, work throughout the software development lifecycle, collaborate with other teams, and evaluate both functional and non-functional aspects. Effective QA can ultimately save a company money and enhance the product's reputation, making it an essential part of the development process.


ISTQB Foundation Level Certification, a steppingstone to success

Our colleague who is QA engineer, Aleksandar Radujković passed the South East European Testing Board (SEETB) Foundation level exam, earning the ISTQB Foundation Level certificate.

Aleksandar's new qualification is a significant achievement that further reinforces our commitment to quality. It offers a comprehensive foundation in software testing. Here is a short overview how it is applied at BIMEXPERTS:

  • Fundamental testing – Establishing a solid framework for validating our software solutions.
  • The role and function of a tester – With clarity on the tester's role, we ensure that every testing phase is well-defined and executed.
  • Test techniques (Black-box, White-box, Experience-based) – Leveraging diverse testing techniques, empowers our QA team to comprehensively evaluate our software, leaving no stone unturned in uncovering potential issues.
  • Test management (planning, estimation, monitoring, control) – We meticulously plan, estimate, monitor, and control our testing activities to optimize their outcomes.
  • Risks and Testing – Identifying and addressing potential risks in our software early on is a priority.


Interview with our colleague, Aleksandar Radujković

Dragana: What inspired you to get the ISTQB certification?

Aleksandar: With the fact that ISTQB stands for International Software Testing Qualifications Board, for me the acquisition of this certificate (Foundation Level) means that I am qualified to make some decisions regarding the quality of software at a "globally" recognized level.

Also, doors are opening for me to improve in various other areas of QA and testing, such as AI Testing, Test Automation Engineer, Security Tester, etc.

Dragana: How does the knowledge gained through this certification affect your approach to quality assurance and testing?

Aleksandar: As for the QA (Quality Assurance) of the software, a lot is standardized and there are fundamentals, tools, test activities that a software should follow/support today in order to have a high percentage of quality and satisfy the client/user.

This certificate helps me to recognize the situation where and in what way some software will be used and to use certain tools, test activities and analyzes so that such software in the future will be as high quality as possible and satisfy the end user.

Dragana: Are there any key things from the certification that you want to apply in your role at BIMEXPERTS?

Aleksandar: Although I recently received the certificate officially, I have been preparing for it for some time, so some testing standards and tools have already been applied to some of our products.

The goal for future software products is to take this to an even higher level, especially in terms of Testing Management.

Dragana: How do you envision your new skills contribute to the overall success of our projects and client satisfaction?

Aleksandar: I envision that it goes in the direction of a long-term quality guarantee as a kind of tradition. If the company's name were mentioned, it would represent a guarantee of expertise, quality and customer support.

Dragana: What advice would you give to your colleagues who may be considering similar certification opportunities?

Aleksandar: Every type of improvement is a benefit both for the individual and for the company itself. I think it is necessary to improve and grow because the market is big and does not forgive stagnation.


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Dragana Pilipović

Dragana Pilipović is a dedicated and passionate marketing specialist at BIMEXPERTS d.o.o.