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Sascha Schmied1.2.2024< 1 min read

LOI data structure online | BIMQ Wiener Linie - Work in progress

We are proud to be able to build the centralized data structure for Wiener Linien GmbH & Co KG. The work has already begun and the first groundbreaking steps have already been taken together.

Together with Alketa Veseli, Alexander Kehr, Dieter Hintenaus and Sascha Schmied we set a goal to detach the existing LOI template from the Excel era and use BIMQ to transfer it to a new cloud-based central and interdisciplinary data structure in order to create the basis for modern operation of the transport infrastructure. This means that the LOIN (Level of Information Need) for Wiener Linien's upcoming infrastructure BIM projects will be made available to all those involved in the planning without any media disruption, thus offering maximum avoidance of redundancies or inconsistent data.

The configured information requirements based on IFC4.3 can be assigned to the authoring software according to AwF (application), project phases or specialist models, the set and properties contained in machine-readable form and given to the testing software for validation.

We are looking forward to the upcoming release and the upcoming and very exciting project requirements together with Wiener Linien.

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Sascha Schmied

Sascha Schmied is authorized signatory at BIMEXPERTS AT and Head of Technology & BIM for BIMEXPERTS AT & DE